Thursday, December 9, 2021

Street Feet Training Resources Dec. 2021

Street Feet Introduction Dec. 2021

Street Feet Presentation at LCCC Aug 2010

Street Feet Presentation to Pray Rowlett June 2010

Simple House Church Revolution

Prayer Based Organic Church Planting BGCT

Street Feet Flowchart Nov. 2021


Promise Prayer Tent - Status at end of 2021 season

COVID affected us but the ministry has continued. 

Especially in 2020 but also in 2021, COVID changed the Prayer Tent ministry.  The tent sides were opened up to allow more air flow, we did not put resources on tables, and resources stayed in boxes and people could get them out themselves without us touching.   People were still prayed for and the ministry still went on.   I have not been able to be at most shows and in 2021 I went to no shows.  But I set up tent with signs and resources before season and tear down at end of season.  I hope if my family is not in the show in the future to at least attend the first and last show, and maybe alumni night.   

Monday, November 4, 2019

Bible Geek

Promise Prayer Tent 2019 Season Close

Thank you to all our volunteers for a great Prayer Team season!  You give so much to attendees, cast and crew, and each other with your service and prayers.  You each bring something unique and vaulable to our team.  I pray for your physical and especially spiritual health, your family, and your ministries. Special thanks to those who showed up at the end of the season in the cold weather. 

Things that worked this year:
- Texting prayer requests
- Table and sign at front with Spanish materials including book fo John and evangelist acts.
- Leaving tables set up and folding table cloths over them
- Passing out Lord's Supper cups in baskets in back instead of to every row.
- Advertising with new signs instead of stuffing playbills. Mount some signs on tent. 
- Greet people as they come in and invite them to prayer tent 
- Organize tables with signs for Bible study resources and prayer resources. Put table at front door with books of John and prayer resources.   
- Be ready to baptize every show.
- Rudy sat down in chair aned praying for God to send someone to him for prayer, and He did!
- Heater!

Planned improvements for next year:
- Heater!
- Make new Spanish sign on metal that includes word "free". Get more Spanish resources.
- Emphasize up front to every tent visitor that all resources are all free.
- Make larger prayer request forms
- Do more of this:  Greet people as they come in and invite them to prayer tent 
- Try to get a local Spanish church volunteer in prayer tent each show.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Promise Prayer Team 2018 photos and ideas for next season

1.  Advertise baptisms after shows to people who buy tickets (especially groups).  Put baptism as part of nightly schedule on calender, web site, etc.  
2. Hand out Lord's Supper elements sooner before dark (after preshow about 7:45pm or earlier) and again at intermission, the way we did it the last 2 shows this season. 
3. Have table at front of prayer tent with signs reading "free Book of John" and "Free Prayer Resources", like we did the last 2 shows this season.  
4.  Add Spanish signs for most or all existing signs. 
5.  Add texting of prayer requests and praises.  Advertise text phone number on play biils, prayer request cards, and new signs. 
6. Larger redesigned prayer request cards.  Remove email address and put texting phone number. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Started new ministry: The Promise in Glen Rose Prayer Team

Event Prayer and Evangelism Ministry

3000 seat outdoor amphitheater in Glen Rose TX, showing life of Jesus on stage.  Shows are every Fri and Sat night, Aug 24-Nov, 3, 2018.  Includes prayer, counseling, evangelism, communion, baptism, working with area partner churches. 

The Promise in Glen Rose Prayer Team